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From the Recherché Collection: Absolutely stunning peacock Tahitian pearls. 10mm pearls, hand knotted on crimson silk and finished with a 10mm spring hinged bail. 

Peacock Tahitian Saltwater Cultured Pearls present with a fairly symmetrical round shape, exceptional luster with occasional natural pitting. These natural Tahitian pearls exhibit medium dark saturated Peacock hues & are a well matched Tahitian Saltwater pearl strand for color and quality. Tahitian pearls are known for their symmetry, larger than average size, natural hues, and near metallic luster. Tahitian pearls are farmed in saltwater locations near Tahiti in the French Polynesian Islands.

- 14k yellow gold
- Tahitian Pearl
-18 inches in length
- Spring Hinged Bail
- Designed and handmade in North Carolina